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Shri Guru Granth Sahib : Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura
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Shri Guru Granth Sahib: Raag Maale Gaaura
Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura - Part 001
Raag Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:

One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying. Beyond Birth. Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace:

Countless have tried, but none have found the Lord's limit.

The Lord is inaccessible, unapproachable and unfathomable; I humbly bow to the Lord God, my King. ||1||Pause||

Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment bring continual conflict and strife.

Save me, save me, I am your humble creature, O Lord; I have come to Your Sanctuary, O my Lord God. ||1||

You protect and preserve those who take to Your Sanctuary, God; You are called the Lover of Your devotees.

Prahlaad, Your humble servant, was caught by Harnaakhash; but You saved Him and carried him across, Lord. ||2||

Remember the Lord, O mind, and rise up to the Mansion of His Presence; the Sovereign Lord is the Destroyer of pain.

Our Lord and Master takes away the fear of birth and death; following the Guru's Teachings, the Lord God is found. ||3||

The Name of the Lord, our Lord and Master, is the Purifier of sinners; I sing of the Lord, the Destroyer of the fears of His devotees.

One who wears the necklace of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in his heart, O servant Nanak, merges in the Naam. ||4||1||

Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:

O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, the Giver of peace.

One who joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, and enjoys the sublime taste of the Lord, as Gurmukh, comes to realize God. ||1||Pause||

By great good fortune, one obtains the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan; meeting with the Guru, the Lord God is known.

The filth of evil-mindedness is totally washed away, bathing in the Lord's ambrosial pool of nectar. ||1||

Blessed, blessed are the Holy, who have found their Lord God; I ask them to tell me the stories of the Lord.

I fall at their feet, and always pray to them, to mercifully unite me with my Lord, the Architect of Destiny. ||2||

Through the destiny written on my forehead, I have found the Holy Guru; my mind and body are imbued with the Guru's Word.

The Lord God has come to meet me; I have found peace, and I am rid of all the sins. ||3||

Those who follow the Guru's Teachings find the Lord, the source of nectar; their words are sublime and exalted.

By great good fortune, one is blessed with the dust of their feet; servant Nanak falls at their feet. ||4||2||

Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura - Part 002
Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:

All the Siddhas, seekers and silent sages, with their minds full of love, meditate on the Lord.

The Supreme Lord God, my Lord and Master, is limitless; the Guru has inspired me to know the unknowable Lord. ||1||Pause||

I am low, and I commit evil actions; I have not remembered my Sovereign Lord.

The Lord has led me to meet the True Guru; in an instant, He liberated me from bondage. ||1||

Such is the destiny God wrote on my forehead; following the Guru's Teachings, I enshrine love for the Lord.

The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds, vibrate and resound in the Court of the Lord; meeting the Lord, I sing the songs of joy. ||2||

The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the Purifier of sinners; the unfortunate wretches do not like this.

They rot away in the womb of reincarnation; they fall apart like salt in water. ||3||

Please bless me with such understanding, O Inaccessible Lord God, my Lord and Master, that my mind may remain attached to the Guru's feet.

Servant Nanak remains attached to the Name of the Lord; he is merged in the Naam. ||4||3||

Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:

My mind is addicted to the juice of the Lord's Name.

My heart-lotus has blossomed forth, and I have found the Guru. Meditating on the Lord, my doubts and fears have run away. ||1||Pause||

In the Fear of God, my heart is committed in loving devotion to Him; following the Guru's Teachings, my sleeping mind has awakened.

All my sins have been erased, and I have found peace and tranquility; I have enshrined the Lord within my heart, by great good fortune. ||1||

The self-willed manmukh is like the false color of the safflower, which fades away; its color lasts for only a few days.

He perishes in an instant; he is tormented, and punished by the Righteous Judge of Dharma. ||2||

The Lord's Love, found in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, is absolutely permanent, and colorfast.

The cloth of the body may be torn to shreds, but still, this beautiful color of the Lord's Love does not fade away. ||3||

Meeting with the Blessed Guru, one is dyed in the color of the Lord's Love, imbued with this deep crimson color.

Servant Nanak washes the feet of that humble being, who is attached to the feet of the Lord. ||4||4||

Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:

O my mind, meditate, vibrate upon the Name of the Lord, the Lord of the World, Har, Har.

My mind and body are merged in the Lord's Name, and through the Guru's Teachings, my intellect is imbued with the Lord, the source of nectar. ||1||Pause||

Follow the Guru's Teachings, and meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Chant, and meditate, on the beads of the mala of the Lord.

Those who have such destiny inscribed upon their foreheads, meet with the Lord, adorned with garlands of flowers. ||1||

Those who meditate on the Name of the Lord - all their entanglements are ended.

The Messenger of Death does not even approach them; the Guru, the Savior Lord, saves them. ||2||

I am a child; I know nothing at all. The Lord cherishes me, as my mother and father.

I continually put my hands into the fire of Maya, but the Guru saves me; He is merciful to the meek. ||3||

I was filthy, but I have become immaculate. Singing the Lord's Praises, all sins have been burnt to ashes.

My mind is in esctasy, having found the Guru; servant Nanak is enraptured through the Word of the Shabad. ||4||5||

Maalee Gauraa, Fourth Mehl:
Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura - Part 003

O my mind, meditate, vibrate on the Lord, and all sins will be eradicated.

The Guru has enshried the Lord, Har, Har, within my heart; I place my head on the Guru's Path. ||1||Pause||

Whoever tells me the stories of my Lord God, I would cut my mind into slices, and dedicate it to him.

The Perfect Guru has united me with the Lord, my Friend; I have sold myself at each and every store for the Guru's Word. ||1||

One may give donations in charity at Prayaag, and cut the body in two at Benares,

but without the Lord's Name, no one attains liberation, even though one may give away huge amounts of gold. ||2||

When one follows the Guru's Teachings, and sings the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, the doors of the mind, held shut by deception, are thrown open again.

The three qualities are shattered, doubt and fear run away, and the clay pot of public opinion is broken. ||3||

They alone find the Perfect Guru in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, upon whose foreheads such pre-ordained destiny is inscribed.

Servant Nanak drinks in the Ambrosial Nectar; all his hunger and thirst are quenched. ||4||6||

Set of Six Hymns 1||
Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

O mind, true peace comes from serving the Lord.

Other services are false, and as punishment for them, the Messenger of Death bashes in one's head. ||1||Pause||

They alone join the Sangat, the Congregation, upon whose forehead such destiny is inscribed.

They are carried across the terrifying world-ocean by the Saints of the Infinite, Primal Lord God. ||1||

Serve forever at the feet of the Holy; renounce greed, emotional attachment and corruption.

Abandon all other hopes, and rest your hopes in the One Formless Lord. ||2||

Some are faithless cynics, deluded by doubt; without the Guru, there is only pitch darkness.

Whatever is pre-ordained, comes to pass; no one can erase it. ||3||

The beauty of the Lord of the Universe is profound and unfathomable; the Names of the Infinite Lord are immunerable.

Blessed, blessed are those humble beings, O Nanak, who enshrine the Lord's Name in their hearts. ||4||1||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:
I humbly bow to the Name of the Lord.
Chanting it, one is saved. ||1||Pause||

Meditating on Him in remembrance, conflicts are ended.

Meditating on Him, one's bonds are untied.
Meditating on Him, the fool becomes wise.

Meditating on Him, one's ancestors are saved. ||1||

Meditating on Him, fear and pain are taken away.
Meditating on Him, misfortune is avoided.
Meditating on Him, sins are erased.
Meditating on Him, agony is ended. ||2||
Meditating on Him, the heart blossoms forth.
Meditating on Him, Maya becomes one's slave.

Meditating on Him, one is blessed with the treasures of wealth.

Meditating on Him, one crosses over in the end. ||3||

The Name of the Lord is the Purifier of sinners.
It saves millions of devotees.

I am meek; I seek the Sanctuary of the slaves of the Lord's slaves.

Nanak lays his forehead on the feet of the Saints. ||4||2||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:

This is the sort of helper the Name of the Lord is.

Meditating in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one's affairs are perfectly resolved. ||1||Pause||

It is like a boat to a drowning man.
Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura - Part 004

It is like oil to the lamp whose flame is dying out.

It is like water poured on the burning fire.

It is like milk poured into The Báby's mouth. ||1||

As one's brother becomes a helper on the field of battle;

as one's hunger is satisfied by food;
as the cloudburst saves the crops;
as one is protected in the tiger's lair;||2||

As with the magic spell of Garuda the eagle upon one's lips, one does not fear the snake;

as the cat cannot eat the parrot in its cage;
as the bird cherishes her eggs in her heart;

as the grains are spared, by sticking to the central post of the mill;||3||

Your Glory is so great; I can describe only a tiny bit of it.

O Lord, You are inaccessible, unapproachable and unfathomable.

You are lofty and high, utterly great and infinite.

Meditating in remembrance on the Lord, O Nanak, one is carried across. ||4||3||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:
Please let my works be rewarding and fruitful.
Please cherish and exalt Your slave. ||1||Pause||
I lay my forehead on the feet of the Saints,

and with my eyes, I gaze upon the Blessed Vision of their Darshan, day and night.

With my hands, I work for the Saints.

I dedicate my breath of life, my mind and wealth to the Saints. ||1||

My mind loves the Society of the Saints.

The Virtues of the Saints abide within my consciousness.

The Will of the Saints is sweet to my mind.

Seeing the Saints, my heart-lotus blossoms forth. ||2||

I dwell in the Society of the Saints.
I have such a great thirst for the Saints.

The Words of the Saints are the Mantras of my mind.

By the Grace of the Saints, my corruption is taken away. ||3||

This way of liberation is my treasure.
O Merciful God, please bless me with this gift.
O God, shower Your Mercy upon Nanak.

I have enshrined the feet of the Saints within my heart. ||4||4||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:
He is with all; He is not far away.

He is the Cause of causes, ever-present here and now. ||1||Pause||

Hearing His Name, one comes to life.

Pain is dispelled; peace and tranquility come to dwell within.

The Lord, Har, Har, is all treasure.
The silent sages serve Him. ||1||
Everything is contained in His home.
No one is turned away empty-handed.
He cherishes all beings and creatures.
Forever and ever, serve the Merciful Lord. ||2||

Righteous justice is dispensed in His Court forever.

He is carefree, and owes allegiance to no one.
He Himself, by Himself, does everything.
O my mind, meditate on Him. ||3||

I am a sacrifice to the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

Joining them, I am saved.

My mind and body are attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

God has blessed Nanak with this gift. ||4||5||
Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl, Du-Padas:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

I seek the Sanctuary of the all-powerful Lord.

My soul, body, wealth and capital belong to the One God, the Cause of causes. ||1||Pause||

Meditating, meditating in remembrance on Him, I have found everlasting peace. He is the source of life.

He is all-pervading, permeating all places; He is in subtle essence and manifest form. ||1||

Section 24 - Raag Maale Gaaura - Part 005

Abandon all your entanglements and corruption; sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord forever.

With palms pressed together, Nanak begs for this blessing; please bless me with Your Name. ||2||1||6||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:
God is all-powerful, divine and infinite.

Who knows Your wondrous plays? You have no end or limitation. ||1||Pause||

In an instant, You establish and disestablish; You create and destroy, O Creator Lord.

As many beings as You created, God, so many You bless with Your blessings. ||1||

I have come to Your Sanctuary, Lord; I am Your slave, O Inaccessible Lord God.

Lift me up and pull me out of the terrifying, treacherous world-ocean; servant Nanak is forever a sacrifice to You. ||2||2||7||

Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl:
The Lord of the World abides in my mind and body.

Friend of the meek, Lover of His devotees, forever and ever merciful. ||1||Pause||

In the beginning, in the end and in the middle, You alone exist, God; there is none other than You.

He is totally permeating and pervading all worlds; He is the One and only Lord and Master. ||1||

With my ears I hear God's Praises, and with my eyes I behold the Blessed Vision of His Darshan; with my tongue I sing the Lord's Glorious Praises.

Nanak is forever a sacrifice to You; please, bless me with Your Name. ||2||3||8||6||14||

Maalee Gauraa, The Word Of Devotee Naam Dayv Jee:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Blessed, blessed is that flute which the Lord plays.

The sweet, sweet unstruck sound current sings forth. ||1||Pause||

Blessed, blessed is the wool of the sheep;

blessed, blessed is the blanket worn by Krishna. ||1||

Blessed, blessed are you, O mother Dayvakee;
into your home the Lord was born. ||2||
Blessed, blessed are the forests of Brindaaban;
the Supreme Lord plays there. ||3||
He plays the flute, and herds the cows;

Naam Dayv's Lord and Master plays happily. ||4||1||

O my Father, Lord of wealth, blessed are You, long-haired, dark-skinned, my darling. ||1||Pause||

You hold the steel chakra in Your hand; You came down from Heaven, and saved the life of the elephant.

In the court of Duhsaasan, You saved the honor of Dropati, when her clothes were being removed. ||1||

You saved Ahliyaa, the wife of Gautam; how many have You purified and carried across?

Such a lowly outcaste as Naam Dayv has come seeking Your Sanctuary. ||2||2||

Within all hearts, the Lord speaks, the Lord speaks.

Who else speaks, other than the Lord? ||1||Pause||

Out of the same clay, the elephant, the ant, and the many sorts of species are formed.

In stationary life forms, moving beings, worms, moths and within each and every heart, the Lord is contained. ||1||

Remember the One, Infinite Lord; abandon all other hopes.

Naam Dayv prays, I have become dispassionate and detached; who is the Lord and Master, and who is the slave? ||2||3||

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