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Shri Guru Granth Sahib : Section 21 - Raag Gond
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Shri Guru Granth Sahib: Raag Gond
Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 001

One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying. Beyond Birth. Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace:

Raag Gond, Chau-Padas, Fourth Mehl, First House:

If, in his conscious mind, he places his hopes in the Lord, then he shall obtain the fruits of all the many desires of his mind.

The Lord knows everything which happens to the soul. Not even an iota of one's effort goes to waste.

Place your hopes in the Lord, O my mind; the Lord and Master is pervading and permeating all. ||1||

O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord of the World, the Master of the Universe.

That hope which is placed in any other than the Lord - that hope is fruitless, and totally useless. ||1||Pause||

That which you can see, Maya, and all attachment to family - don't place your hopes in them, or your life will be wasted and lost.

Nothing is in their hands; what can these poor creatures do? By their actions, nothing can be done.

O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord, your Beloved, who shall carry you across, and save your whole family as well. ||2||

If you place your hopes in any other, in any friend other than the Lord, then you shall come to know that it is of no use at all.

This hope placed in other friends comes from the love of duality. In an instant, it is gone; it is totally false.

O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord, your True Beloved, who shall approve and reward you for all your efforts. ||3||

Hope and desire are all Yours, O my Lord and Master. As You inspire hope, so are the hopes held.

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 002

Nothing is in the hands of anyone, O my Lord and Master; such is the understanding the True Guru has given me to understand.

You alone know the hope of servant Nanak, O Lord; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, he is satisfied. ||4||1||

Gond, Fourth Mehl:

Serve such a Lord, and ever meditate on Him, who in an instant erases all sins and mistakes.

If someone forsakes the Lord and places his hopes in another, then all his service to the Lord is rendered fruitless.

O my mind, serve the Lord, the Giver of peace; serving Him, all your hunger shall depart. ||1||

O my mind, place your faith in the Lord.

Wherever I go, my Lord and Master is there with me. The Lord saves the honor of His humble servants and slaves. ||1||Pause||

If you tell your sorrows to another, then he, in return, will tell you of his greater sorrows.

So tell your sorrows to the Lord, your Lord and Master, who shall instantly dispel your pain.

Forsaking such a Lord God, if you tell your sorrows to another, then you shall die of shame. ||2||

The relatives, friends and siblings of the world that you see, O my mind, all meet with you for their own purposes.

And that day, when their self-interests are not served, on that day, they shall not come near you.

O my mind, serve your Lord, day and night; He shall help you in good times and bad. ||3||

Why place your faith in anyone, O my mind, who cannot come to your rescue at the last instant?

Chant the Lord's Mantra, take the Guru's Teachings, and meditate on Him. In the end, the Lord saves those who love Him in their consciousness.

Servant Nanak speaks: night and day, chant the Lord's Name, O Saints; this is the only true hope for emancipation. ||4||2||

Gond, Fourth Mehl:

Remembering the Lord in meditation, you shall find bliss and peace forever deep within, and your mind will become tranquil and cool.

It is like the harsh sun of Maya, with its burning heat; seeing the moon, the Guru, its heat totally vanishes. ||1||

O my mind, night and day, meditate, and chant the Lord's Name.

Here and hereafter, He shall protect you, everywhere; serve such a God forever. ||1||Pause||

Meditate on the Lord, who contains all treasures, O my mind; as Gurmukh, search for the jewel, the Lord.

Those who meditate on the Lord, find the Lord, my Lord and Master; I wash the feet of those slaves of the Lord. ||2||

One who realizes the Word of the Shabad, obtains the sublime essence of the Lord; such a Saint is lofty and sublime, the greatest of the great.

The Lord Himself magnifies the glory of that humble servant. No one can lessen or decrease that glory, not even a bit. ||3||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 003

He shall give you peace, O my mind; meditate forever, every day on Him, with your palms pressed together.

Please bless servant Nanak with this one gift, O Lord, that Your feet may dwell within my heart forever. ||4||3||

Gond, Fourth Mehl:

All the kings, emperors, nobles, lords and chiefs are false and transitory, engrossed in duality - know this well.

The eternal Lord is permanent and unchanging; meditate on Him, O my mind, and you shall be approved. ||1||

O my mind, vibrate, and meditate on the Lord's Name, which shall be your defender forever.

One who obtains the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, through the Word of the Guru's Teachings - no one else's power is as great as his. ||1||Pause||

All the wealthy, high class property owners which you see, O my mind, shall vanish, like the fading color of the safflower.

Serve the True, Immaculate Lord forever, O my mind, and you shall be honored in the Court of the Lord. ||2||

There are four castes: Brahmin, Kh'shaatriya, Soodra and Vaishya, and there are four stages of life. One who meditates on the Lord, is the most distinguished and renowned.

The poor castor oil plant, growing near the sandalwood tree, becomes fragrant; in the same way, the sinner, associating with the Saints, becomes acceptable and approved. ||3||

He, within whose heart the Lord abides, is the highest of all, and the purest of all.

Servant Nanak washes the feet of thM at humble servant of the Lord; he may be from a low class family, but he is now the Lord's servant. ||4||4||

Gond, Fourth Mehl:

The Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, is all-pervading. As the Lord causes them to act, so do they act.

So serve forever such a Lord, O my mind, who will protect you from everything. ||1||

O my mind, meditate on the Lord, and read about the Lord every day.

Other than the Lord, no one can kill you or save you; so why do you worry, O my mind? ||1||Pause||

The Creator created the entire universe, and infused His Light into it.

The One Lord speaks, and the One Lord causes all to speak.The Perfect Guru has revealed the One Lord. ||2||

The Lord is with you, inside and out; tell me, O mind, how can You hide anything from Him?

Serve the Lord open-heartedly, and then, O my mind, you shall find total peace. ||3||

Everything is under His control; He is the greatest of all. O my mind, meditate forever on Him.

O Servant Nanak, that Lord is always with you. Meditate forever on your Lord, and He shall emancipate you. ||4||5||

Gond, Fourth Mehl:

My mind yearns so deeply for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, like the thirsty man without water. ||1||

My mind is pierced through by the arrow of the Lord's Love.

The Lord God knows my anguish, and the pain deep within my mind. ||1||Pause||

Whoever tells me the Stories of my Beloved Lord is my Sibling of Destiny, and my friend. ||2||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 004

Come, and join together, O my companions; let's sing the Glorious Praises of my God, and follow the comforting advice of the True Guru.. ||3||

Please fulfill the hopes of servant Nanak, O Lord; his body finds peace and tranquility in the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan. ||4||6||

First set of six. ||
Raag Gond, Fifth Mehl, Chau-Padas, First House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

He is the Creator of all, He is the Enjoyer of all. ||1||Pause||

The Creator listens, and the Creator sees.
The Creator is unseen, and the Creator is seen.
The Creator forms, and the Creator destroys.

The Creator touches, and the Creator is detached. ||1||

The Creator is the One who speaks, and the Creator is the One who understands.

The Creator comes, and the Creator also goes.

The Creator is absolute and without qualities; the Creator is related, with the most excellent qualities.

By Guru's Grace, Nanak looks upon all the same. ||2||1||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

You are caught, like the fish and the monkey; you are entangled in the transitory world.

Your foot-steps and your breaths are numbered; only by singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord will you be saved. ||1||

O mind, reform yourself, and forsake your aimless wandering.

You have found no place of rest for yourself; so why do you try to teach others? ||1||Pause||

Like the elephant, driven by sexual desire, you are attached to your family.

People are like birds that come together, and fly apart again; you shall become stable and steady, only when you meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, in the Company of the Holy. ||2||

Like the fish, which perishes because of its desire to taste, the fool is ruined by his greed.

You have fallen under the power of the five thieves; escape is only possible in the Sanctuary of the Lord. ||3||

Be Merciful to me, O Destroyer of the pains of the meek; all beings and creatures belong to You.

May I obtain the gift of always seeing the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; meeting with You, Nanak is the slave of Your slaves. ||4||2||

Raag Gond, Fifth Mehl, Chau-Padas, Second House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

He fashioned the soul and the breath of life,
and infused His Light into the dust;

He exalted you and gave you everything to use, and food to eat and enjoy

- how can you forsake that God, you fool! Where else will you go? ||1||

Commit yourself to the service of the Transcendent Lord.

Through the Guru, one understands the Immaculate, Divine Lord. ||1||Pause||

He created plays and dramas of all sorts;
He creates and destroys in an instant;
His state and condition cannot be described.
Meditate forever on that God, O my mind. ||2||
The unchanging Lord does not come or go.

His Glorious Virtues are infinite; how many of them can I count?

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 005

His treasure is overflowing with the rubies of the Name.

He gives Support to all hearts. ||3||
The Name is the True Primal Being;

millions of sins are washed away in an instant, singing His Praises.

The Lord God is your best friend, your playmate from earliest childhood.

He is the Support of the breath of life; O Nanak, He is love, He is consciousness. ||4||1||3||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
I trade in the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
The Naam is the Support of the mind.

My consciousness takes to the Shelter of the Naam.

Chanting the Naam, millions of sins are erased. ||1||

The Lord has blessed me with the wealth of the Naam, the Name of the One Lord.

The wish of my mind is to meditate on the Naam, in association with the Guru. ||1||Pause||

The Naam is the wealth of my soul.
Wherever I go, the Naam is with me.
The Naam is sweet to my mind.

In the water, on the land, and everywhere, I see the Naam. ||2||

Through the Naam, one's face becomes radiant in the Court of the Lord.

Through the Naam, all one's generations are saved.

Through the Naam, my affairs are resolved.
My mind is accustomed to the Naam. ||3||
Through the Naam, I have become fearless.

Through the Naam, my comings and goings have ceased.

The Perfect Guru has united me with the Lord, the treasure of virtue.

Says Nanak, I dwell in celestial peace. ||4||2||4||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
He grants honor to the dishonored,
and gives gifts to all the hungry;
he protects those in the terrible womb.

So humbly bow forever to that Lord and Master. ||1||

Meditate on such a God in your mind.

He shall be your help and support everywhere, in good times and bad. ||1||Pause||

The beggar and the king are all the same to Him.

He sustains and fulfills both the ant and the elephant.

He does not consult or seek anyone's advice.
Whatever He does, He does Himself. ||2||
No one knows His limit.
He Himself is the Immaculate Lord.
He Himself is formed, and He Himself is formless.

In the heart, in each and every heart, He is the Support of all hearts. ||3||

Through the Love of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the devotees become His Beloveds.

Singing the Praises of the Creator, the Saints are forever in bliss.

Through the Love of the Naam, the Lord's humble servants remain satisfied.

Nanak falls at the feet of those humble servants of the Lord. ||4||3||5||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

Associating with them, this mind becomes immaculate and pure.

Associating with them, one meditates in remembrance on the Lord, Har, Har.

Associating with them, all the sins are erased.

Associating with them, the heart is illumined. ||1||

Those Saints of the Lord are my friends.

It is their custom to sing only the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

By their mantra, the Lord, Har, Har, dwells in the mind.

By their teachings, doubt and fear are dispelled.

By their kirtan, they become immaculate and sublime.

The world longs for the dust of their feet. ||2||

Millions of sinners are saved by associating with them.

They have the Support of the Name of the One Formless Lord.

He knows the secrets of all beings;

He is the treasure of mercy, the divine immaculate Lord. ||3||

When the Supreme Lord God becomes merciful,
then one meets the Merciful Holy Guru.
Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 006
Day and night, Nanak meditates on the Naam.

Through the Lord's Name, he is blessed with peace, poise and bliss. ||4||4||6||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

Meditate on the image of the Guru within your mind;

let your mind accept the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and His Mantra.

Enshrine the Guru's feet within your heart.

Bow in humility forever before the Guru, the Supreme Lord God. ||1||

Let no one wander in doubt in the world.

Without the Guru, no one can cross over. ||1||Pause||

The Guru shows the Path to those who have wandered off.

He leads them to renounce others, and attaches them to devotional worship of the Lord.

He obliterates the fear of birth and death.

The glorious greatness of the Perfect Guru is endless. ||2||

By Guru's Grace, the inverted heart-lotus blossoms forth,

and the Light shines forth in the darkness.
Through the Guru, know the One who created you.

By the Guru's Mercy, the foolish mind comes to believe. ||3||

The Guru is the Creator; the Guru has the power to do everything.

The Guru is the Transcendent Lord; He is, and always shall be.

Says Nanak, God has inspired me to know this.

Without the Guru, liberation is not obtained, O Siblings of Destiny. ||4||5||7||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
Chant Guru, Guru, Guru, O my mind.
I have no other than the Guru.

I lean upon the Support of the Guru, day and night.

No one can decrease His bounty. ||1||

Know that the Guru and the Transcendent Lord are One.

Whatever pleases Him is acceptable and approved. ||1||Pause||

One whose mind is attached to the Guru's feet
- his pains, sufferings and doubts run away.
Serving the Guru, honor is obtained.
I am forever a sacrifice to the Guru. ||2||

Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan, I am exalted.

The work of the Guru's servant is perfect.
Pain does not afflict the Guru's servant.

The Guru's servant is famous in the ten directions. ||3||

The Guru's glory cannot be described.

The Guru remains absorbed in the Supreme Lord God.

Says Nanak, one who is blessed with perfect destiny

- his mind is attached to the Guru's feet. ||4||6||8||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

I worship and adore my Guru; the Guru is the Lord of the Universe.

My Guru is the Supreme Lord God; the Guru is the Lord God.

My Guru is divine, invisible and mysterious.

I serve at the Guru's feet, which are worshipped by all. ||1||

Without the Guru, I have no other place at all.

Night and day, I chant the Name of Guru, Guru. ||1||Pause||

The Guru is my spiritual wisdom, the Guru is the meditation within my heart.

The Guru is the Lord of the World, the Primal Being, the Lord God.

With my palms pressed together, I remain in the Guru's Sanctuary.

Without the Guru, I have no other at all. ||2||

The Guru is the boat to cross over the terrifying world-ocean.

Serving the Guru, one is released from the Messenger of Death.

In the darkness, the Guru's Mantra shines forth.
With the Guru, all are saved. ||3||
The Perfect Guru is found, by great good fortune.
Serving the Guru, pain does not afflict anyone.
No one can erase the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

Nanak is the Guru; Nanak is the Lord Himself. ||4||7||9||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 007
Gond, Fifth Mehl:
Deal and trade only with the Lord, Raam, Raam.

The Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam, is the Support of the breath of life.

Sing the Kirtan of the Praises of the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam.

The Lord is ever-present, all-pervading. ||1||
Joining the humble Saints, chant the Lord's Name.

This is the most immaculate and perfect occupation of all. ||1||Pause||

Gather the treasure, the wealth of the Lord, Raam, Raam.

Let your sustenance be the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam.

Never forget the Lord, Raam, Raam.

In His Mercy, the Guru has revealed this to me. ||2||

The Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam, is always our help and support.

Embrace love for the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam.

Through the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam, I have become immaculate.

The sins of countless incarnations have been taken away. ||3||

Uttering the Lord's Name, birth and death are finished.

Repeating the Lord's Name, one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean.

The Luminous Lord is the highest of all.

Night and day, servant Nanak meditates on Him. ||4||8||10||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
My Lord and Master has held back the five demons.

He conquered them, and scared them away from the Lord's slave.

They cannot find the mansion of the Lord's devotee.

Joining together, the Lord's humble servants sing the songs of joy. ||1||

The five demons are the rulers of the whole world,

but they are just water-carriers for the Lord's devotee. ||1||Pause||

They collect taxes from the world,
but they bow in subservience to God's devotees.
They plunder and dishonor the faithless cynics,

but they massage and wash the feet of the Holy. ||2||

The One Mother gave birth to the five sons,
and began the play of the created world.

With the three qualities joined together, they celebrate.

Renouncing these three qualities, the Lord's humble servants rise above them. ||3||

In His Mercy, He saves His humble servants.

They belong to Him, and so He saves them by driving out the five.

Says Nanak, devotion to God is noble and sublime.

Without devotion, all just waste away uselessly. ||4||9||11||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

Suffering and troubles are eradicated by the Lord's Name.

Pain is dispelled, and peace takes its place.

Meditating, chanting the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, I am satisfied.

By the Grace of the Saints, I have received all fruitful rewards. ||1||

Meditating on the Lord, His humble servant is carried across,

and the sins of countless incarnations are taken away. ||1||Pause||

I have enshrined the Guru's feet within my heart,
and crossed over the ocean of fire.

All the painful diseases of birth and death have been eradicated.

I am attached to God in celestial Samaadhi. ||2||

In all places and interspaces, the One, our Lord and Master is contained.

He is the Inner-knower of all hearts.
One whom the Lord blesses with understanding,

chants the Name of God, twenty-four hours a day. ||3||

Deep within, God Himself abides;
within his heart, the Divine Light shines forth.

With loving devotion, sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

Meditate on the Supreme Lord God, O Nanak, and you shall be saved. ||4||10||12||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 008
Bow in humility to the lotus feet of the Guru.
Eliminate sexual desire and anger from this body.
Be the dust of all,

and see the Lord in each and every heart, in all. ||1||

In this way, dwell upon the Lord of the World, the Lord of the Universe.

My body and wealth belong to God; my soul belongs to God. ||1||Pause||

Twenty-four hours a day, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

This is the purpose of human life.

Renounce your egotistical pride, and know that God is with you.

By the Grace of the Holy, let your mind be imbued with the Lord's Love. ||2||

Know the One who created you,

and in the world hereafter you shall be honored in the Court of the Lord.

Your mind and body will be immaculate and blissful;

chant the Name of the Lord of the Universe with your tongue. ||3||

Grant Your Kind Mercy, O my Lord, Merciful to the meek.

My mind begs for the dust of the feet of the Holy.

Be merciful, and bless me with this gift,

that Nanak may live, chanting God's Name. ||4||11||13||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
My incense and lamps are my service to the Lord.
Time and time again, I humbly bow to the Creator.

I have renounced everything, and grasped the Sanctuary of God.

By great good fortune, the Guru has become pleased and satisfied with me. ||1||

Twenty-four hours a day, I sing of the Lord of the Universe.

My body and wealth belong to God; my soul belongs to God. ||1||Pause||

Chanting the Glorious Praises of the Lord, I am in bliss.

The Supreme Lord God is the Perfect Forgiver.

Granting His Mercy, He has linked His humble servants to His service.

He has rid me of the pains of birth and death, and merged me with Himself. ||2||

This is the essence of karma, righteous conduct and spiritual wisdom,

to chant the Lord's Name in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

God's Feet are the boat to cross over the world-ocean.

God, the Inner-knower, is the Cause of causes. ||3||

Showering His Mercy, He Himself has saved me.
The five hideous demons have run away.
Do not lose your life in the gamble.

The Creator Lord has taken Nanak's side. ||4||12||14||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

In His Mercy, He has blessed me with peace and bliss.

The Divine Guru has saved His child.

God is kind and compassionate; He is the Lord of the Universe.

He forgives all beings and creatures. ||1||

I seek Your Sanctuary, O God, O Merciful to the meek.

Meditating on the Supreme Lord God, I am forever in ecstasy. ||1||Pause||

There is no other like the Merciful Lord God.
He is contained deep within each and every heart.
He embellishes His slave, here and hereafter.
It is Your nature, God, to purify sinners. ||2||

Meditation on the Lord of the Universe is the medicine to cure millions of illnesses.

My Tantra and Mantra is to meditate, to vibrate upon the Lord God.

Illnesses and pains are dispelled, meditating on God.

The fruits of the mind's desires are fulfilled. ||3||

He is the Cause of causes, the All-powerful Merciful Lord.

Contemplating Him is the greatest of all treasures.

God Himself has forgiven Nanak;

forever and ever, he chants the Name of the One Lord. ||4||13||15||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

Chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, O my friend.

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 009

Your consciousness shall become immaculate and pure.

All the misfortunes of your mind and body shall be taken away,

and all your pain and darkness will be dispelled. ||1||

Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, cross over the world-ocean.

By great good fortune, one attains the Infinite Lord, the Primal Being. ||1||Pause||

The Messenger of Death cannot even touch that humble being, who sings the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

The Gurmukh realizes his Lord and Master; his coming into this world is approved. ||2||

He sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, by the Grace of the Saints;

his sexual desire, anger and madness are eradicated.

He knows the Lord God to be ever-present.

This is the Perfect Teaching of the Perfect Guru. ||3||

He earns the treasure of the Lord's wealth.

Meeting with the True Guru, all his affairs are resolved.

He is awake and aware in the Love of the Lord's Name;

O Nanak, his mind is attached to the Lord's Feet. ||4||14||16||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

The Lord's Feet are the boat to cross over the terrifying world-ocean.

Meditating in remembrance on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he does not die again.

Chanting the Glorious Praises of the Lord, he does not have to walk on the Path of Death.

Contemplating the Supreme Lord, the five demons are conquered. ||1||

I have entered Your Sanctuary, O Perfect Lord and Master.

Please give Your hand to Your creatures. ||1||Pause||

The Simritees, Shaastras, Vedas and Puraanas
expound upon the Supreme Lord God.

The Yogis, celibates, Vaishnavs and followers of Ram Das

cannot find the limits of the Eternal Lord God. ||2||

Shiva and the gods lament and moan,

but they do not understand even a tiny bit of the unseen and unknown Lord.

One whom the Lord Himself blesses with loving devotional worship,

is very rare in this world. ||3||
I am worthless, with absolutely no virtue at all;
all treasures are in Your Glance of Grace.
Nanak, the meek, desires only to serve You.

Please be merciful, and grant him this blessing, O Divine Guru. ||4||15||17||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

One who is cursed by the Saints, is thrown down on the ground.

The slanderer of the Saints is thrown down from the skies.

I hold the Saints close to my soul.
The Saints are saved instantaneously. ||1||
He alone is a Saint, who is pleasing to the Lord.

The Saints, and God, have only one job to do. ||1||Pause||

God gives His hand to shelter the Saints.
He dwells with His Saints, day and night.

With each and every breath, He cherishes His Saints.

He takes the power away from the enemies of the Saints. ||2||

Let no one slander the Saints.
Whoever slanders them, will be destroyed.
One who is protected by the Creator Lord,

cannot be harmed, no matter how much the whole world may try. ||3||

I place my faith in my God.
My soul and body all belong to Him.
This is the faith which inspires Nanak:

the self-willed manmukhs will fail, while the Gurmukhs will always win. ||4||16||18||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

The Name of the Immaculate Lord is the Ambrosial Water.

Chanting it with the tongue, sins are washed away. ||1||Pause||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 010
The Lord abides in everyone.
The Lord illumines each and every heart.

Chanting the Lord's Name, one does not fall into hell.

Serving the Lord, all fruitful rewards are obtained. ||1||

Within my mind is the Support of the Lord.

The Lord is the boat to cross over the world-ocean.

Chant the Lord's Name, and the Messenger of Death will run away.

The Lord breaks the teeth of Maya, the witch. ||2||

The Lord is forever and ever the Forgiver.
The Lord blesses us with peace and bliss.
The Lord has revealed His glory.

The Lord is the mother and father of His Saint. ||3||

The Lord, the Lord, is in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

Time and time again, I sing the Lord's Praises.

Meeting with the Guru, I have attained the incomprehensible object.

Slave Nanak has grasped the Support of the Lord. ||4||17||19||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:
One who is protected by the Protector Lord
- the Formless Lord is on his side. ||1||Pause||

In the mother's womb, the fire does not touch him.

Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment do not affect him.

In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, he meditates on the Formless Lord.

Dust is thrown into the faces of the slanderers. ||1||

The Lord's protective spell is the armor of His slave.

The wicked, evil demons cannot even touch him.

Whoever indulges in egotistical pride, shall waste away to ruin.

God is the Sanctuary of His humble slave. ||2||

Whoever enters the Sanctuary of the Sovereign Lord

- He saves that slave, hugging him close in His embrace.

Whoever takes great pride in himself,

in an instant, shall be like dust mixing with dust. ||3||

The True Lord is, and shall always be.
Forever and ever, I am a sacrifice to Him.
Granting His Mercy, He saves His slaves.

God is the Support of Nanak's breath of life. ||4||18||20||

Gond, Fifth Mehl:

Wondrous and beautiful is the description of the beauty of the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Lord God. ||Pause||

He is not old; He is not young.

He is not in pain; He is not caught in Death's noose.

He does not die; He does not go away.

In the beginning, and throughout the ages, He is permeating everywhere. ||1||

He is not hot; He is not cold.
He has no enemy; He has no friend.
He is not happy; He is not sad.

Everything belongs to Him; He can do anything. ||2||

He has no father; He has no mother.
He is beyond the beyond, and has always been so.
He is not affected by virtue or vice.

Deep within each and every heart, He is always awake and aware. ||3||

From the three qualities, the one mechanism of Maya was produced.

The great Maya is only His shadow.

He is undeceivable, impenetrable, unfathomable and merciful.

He is merciful to the meek, forever compassionate.

His state and limits cannot ever be known.

Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to Him. ||4||19||21||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 011
Gond, Fifth Mehl:
I am a sacrifice to the Saints.

Associating with the Saints, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

By the Grace of the Saints, all the sins are taken away.

By great good fortune, one finds the Sanctuary of the Saints. ||1||

Meditating on the Lord, no obstacles will block your way.

By Guru's Grace, meditate on God. ||1||Pause||
When the Supreme Lord God becomes merciful,
he makes me the dust of the feet of the Holy.
Sexual desire and anger leave his body,

and the Lord, the jewel, comes to dwell in his mind. ||2||

Fruitful and approved is the life of one
who knows the Supreme Lord God to be close.

One who is committed to loving devotional worship of God, and the Kirtan of His Praises,

awakens from the sleep of countless incarnations. ||3||

The Lord's Lotus Feet are the Support of His humble servant.

To chant the Praises of the Lord of the Universe is the true trade.

Please fulfill the hopes of Your humble slave.

Nanak finds peace in the dust of the feet of the humble. ||4||20||22||6||28||

Raag Gond, Ashtapadees, Fifth Mehl, Second House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Humbly bow to the Perfect Divine Guru.

Fruitful is His image, and fruitful is service to Him.

He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, the Architect of Destiny.

Twenty-four hours a day, he remains imbued with the love of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||

The Guru is the Lord of the Universe, the Guru is the Lord of the World.

He is the Saving Grace of His slaves. ||1||Pause||

He satisfies the kings, emperors and nobles.
He destroys the egotistical villains.

He puts illness into the mouths of the slanderers.

All the people celebrate His victory. ||2||
Supreme bliss fills the minds of the Saints.

The Saints meditate on the Divine Guru, the Lord God.

The faces of His companions become radiant and bright.

The slanderers lose all places of rest. ||3||

With each and every breath, the Lord's humble slaves praise Him.

The Supreme Lord God and the Guru are care-free.
All fears are eradicated, in His Sanctuary.

Smashing all the slanderers, the Lord knocks them to the ground. ||4||

Let no one slander the Lord's humble servants.
Whoever does so, will be miserable.

Twenty-four hours a day, the Lord's humble servant meditates on Him alone.

The Messenger of Death does not even approach him. ||5||

The Lord's humble servant has no vengeance. The slanderer is egotistical.

The Lord's humble servant wishes well, while the slanderer dwells on evil.

The Sikh of the Guru meditates on the True Guru.

The Lord's humble servants are saved, while the slanderer is cast into hell. ||6||

Listen, O my beloved friends and companions:

these words shall be true in the Court of the Lord.

As you plant, so shall you harvest.

The proud, egotistical person will surely be uprooted. ||7||

O True Guru, You are the Support of the unsupported.

Be merciful, and save Your humble servant.
Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Guru;

remembering Him in meditation, my honor has been saved. ||8||1||29||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 012
Raag Gond, The Word Of The Devotees.
Kabeer Jee, First House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

When you meet a Saint, talk to him and listen.

Meeting with an unsaintly person, just remain silent. ||1||

O father, if I speak, what words should I utter?

Speak such words, by which you may remain absorbed in the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

Speaking with the Saints, one becomes generous.

To speak with a fool is to Bábble uselessly. ||2||

By speaking and only speaking, corruption only increases.

If I do not speak, what can the poor wretch do? ||3||

Says Kabeer, the empty pitcher makes noise,
but that which is full makes no sound. ||4||1||
When a man dies, he is of no use to anyone.

But when an animal dies, it is used in ten ways. ||1||

What do I know, about the state of my karma?
What do I know, O Bába? ||1||Pause||
His bones burn, like a bundle of logs;
his hair burns like a bale of hay. ||2||
Says Kabeer, the man wakes up,

only when the Messenger of Death hits him over the head with his club. ||3||2||


The Celestial Lord is in the Akaashic ethers of the skies, the Celestial Lord is in the nether regions of the underworld; in the four directions, the Celestial Lord is pervading.

The Supreme Lord God is forever the source of bliss. When the vessel of the body perishes, the Celestial Lord does not perish. ||1||

I have become sad,

wondering where the soul comes from, and where it goes. ||1||Pause||

The body is formed from the union of the five tatvas; but where were the five tatvas created?

You say that the soul is tied to its karma, but who gave karma to the body? ||2||

The body is contained in the Lord, and the Lord is contained in the body. He is permeating within all.

Says Kabeer, I shall not renounce the Lord's Name. I shall accept whatever happens. ||3||3||

Raag Gond, The Word Of Kabeer Jee, Second House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

They tied my arms, bundled me up, and threw me before an elephant.

The elephant driver struck him on the head, and infuriated him.

But the elephant ran away, trumpeting,

"I am a sacrifice to this image of the Lord."||1||

O my Lord and Master, You are my strength.

The Qazi shouted at the driver to drive the elephant on. ||1||Pause||

He yelled out, "O driver, I shall cut you into pieces.

Hit him, and drive him on!"

But the elephant did not move; instead, he began to meditate.

The Lord God abides within his mind. ||2||
What sin has this Saint committed,

that you have made him into a bundle and thrown him before the elephant?

Lifting up the bundle, the elephant bows down before it.

The Qazi could not understand it; he was blind. ||3||

Three times, he tried to do it.
Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 013
Even then, his hardened mind was not satisfied.
Says Kabeer, such is my Lord and Master.

The soul of His humble servant dwells in the fourth state. ||4||1||4||

It is not human, and it is not a god.

It is not called celibate, or a worshipper of Shiva.

It is not a Yogi, and it is not a hermit.
It is not a mother, or anyone's son. ||1||

Then what is it, which dwells in this temple of the body?

No one can find its limits. ||1||Pause||

It is not a house-holder, and it is not a renouncer of the world.

It is not a king, and it is not a beggar.
It has no body, no drop of blood.

It is not a Brahmin, and it is not a Kh'shaatriya. ||2||

It is not called a man of austere self-discipline, or a Shaykh.

It does not live, and it is not seen to die.
If someone cries over its death,
that person loses his honor. ||3||
By Guru's Grace, I have found the Path.
Birth and death have both been erased.

Says Kabeer, this is formed of the same essence as the Lord.

It is like the ink on the paper which cannot be erased. ||4||2||5||


The threads are broken, and the starch has run out.

Bare reeds glisten at the front door.
The poor brushes are scattered in pieces.
Death has entered this shaven head. ||1||

This shaven-headed mendicant has wasted all his wealth.

All this coming and going has irritated him. ||1||Pause||

He has given up all talk of his weaving equipment.

His mind is attuned to the Lord's Name.
His daughters and sons have nothing to eat,

while the shaven-headed mendicants night and day eat their fill. ||2||

One or two are in the house, and one or two more are on the way.

We sleep on the floor, while they sleep in the beds.

They rub their bare heads, and carry prayer-books in their waist-bands.

We get dry grains, while they get loaves of bread. ||3||

He will become one of these shaven-headed mendicants.

They are the support of the drowning.
Listen, O blind and unguided Loi:

Kabeer has taken shelter with these shaven-headed mendicants. ||4||3||6||

When her husband dies, the woman does not cry.
Someone else becomes her protector.
When this protector dies,

he falls into the world of hell hereafter, for the sexual pleasures he enjoyed in this world. ||1||

The world loves only the one bride, Maya.

She is the wife of all beings and creatures. ||1||Pause||

With her necklace around her neck, this bride looks beautiful.

She is poison to the Saint, but the world is delighted with her.

Adorning herself, she sits like a prostitute.

Cursed by the Saints, she wanders around like a wretch. ||2||

She runs around, chasing after the Saints.

She is afraid of being beaten by those blessed with the Guru's Grace.

She is the body, the breath of life, of the faithless cynics.

She appears to me like a blood-thirsty witch. ||3||

I know her secrets well
- in His Mercy, the Divine Guru met me.
Says Kabeer, now I have thrown her out.
She clings to the skirt of the world. ||4||4||7||
Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 014
When someone's household has no glory,
the guests who come there depart still hungry.
Deep within, there is no contentment.

Without his bride, the wealth of Maya, he suffers in pain. ||1||

So praise this bride, which can shake the consciousness of even the most dedicated ascetics and sages. ||1||Pause||

This bride is the daughter of a wretched miser.

Abandoning the Lord's servant, she sleeps with the world.

Standing at the door of the holy man,

she says, "I have come to your sanctuary; now save me!"||2||

This bride is so beautiful.
The bells on her ankles make soft music.

As long as there is the breath of life in the man, she remains attached to him.

But when it is no more, she quickly gets up and departs, bare-footed. ||3||

This bride has conquered the three worlds.

The eighteen Puraanas and the sacred shrines of pilgrimage love her as well.

She pierced the hearts of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

She destroyed the great emperors and kings of the world. ||4||

This bride has no restraint or limits.

She is in collusion with the five thieving passions.

When the clay pot of these five passions bursts,

then, says Kabeer, by Guru's Mercy, one is released. ||5||5||8||


As the house will not stand when the supporting beams are removed from within it,

just so, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, how can anyone be carried across?

Without the pitcher, the water is not contained;

just so, without the Holy Saint, the mortal departs in misery. ||1||

One who does not remember the Lord - let him burn;

his body and mind have remained absorbed in this field of the world. ||1||Pause||

Without a farmer, the land is not planted;
without a thread, how can the beads be strung?
Without a loop, how can the knot be tied?

Just so, without the Holy Saint, the mortal departs in misery. ||2||

Without a mother or father there is no child;

just so, without water, how can the clothes be washed?

Without a horse, how can there be a rider?

Without the Holy Saint, one cannot reach the Court of the Lord. ||3||

Just as without music, there is no dancing,
the bride rejected by her husband is dishonored.
Says Kabeer, do this one thing:

become Gurmukh, and you shall never die again. ||4||6||9||

He alone is a pimp, who pounds down his mind.

Pounding down his mind, he escapes from the Messenger of Death.

Pounding and beating his mind, he puts it to the test;

such a pimp attains total liberation. ||1||
Who is called a pimp in this world?

In all speech, one must carefully consider. ||1||Pause||

He alone is a dancer, who dances with his mind.

The Lord is not satisfied with falsehood; He is pleased only with Truth.

So play the beat of the drum in the mind.

The Lord is the Protector of the dancer with such a mind. ||2||

She alone is a street-dancer, who cleanses her body-street,

and educates the five passions.
She who embraces devotional worship for the Lord
- I accept such a street-dancer as my Guru. ||3||
He alone is a thief, who is above envy,

and who uses his sense organs to chant the Lord's Name.

Says Kabeer, these are the qualities of the one

I know as my Blessed Divine Guru, who is the most beautiful and wise. ||4||7||10||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 015

Blessed is the Lord of the World. Blessed is the Divine Guru.

Blessed is that grain, by which the heart-lotus of the hungry blossoms forth.

Blessed are those Saints, who know this.

Meeting with them, one meets the Lord, the Sustainer of the World. ||1||

This grain comes from the Primal Lord God.

One chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, only when he tastes this grain. ||1||Pause||

Meditate on the Naam, and meditate on this grain.
Mixed with water, its taste becomes sublime.
One who abstains from this grain,
loses his honor in the three worlds. ||2||

One who discards this grain, is practicing hypocrisy.

She is neither a happy soul-bride, nor a widow.

Those who claim in this world that they live on milk alone,

secretly eat whole loads of food. ||3||
Without this grain, time does not pass in peace.

Forsaking this grain, one does not meet the Lord of the World.

Says Kabeer, this I know:

blessed is that grain, which brings faith in the Lord and Master to the mind. ||4||8||11||

Raag Gond, The Word Of Naam Dayv Jee, First House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

The ritual sacrifice of horses,
giving one's weight in gold to charities,
and ceremonial cleansing baths -||1||

These are not equal to singing the Praises of the Lord's Name.

Meditate on your Lord, you lazy man! ||1||Pause||
Offering sweet rice at Gaya,
living on the river banks at Benares,
reciting the four Vedas by heart;||2||
Completing all religious rituals,

restraining sexual passion by the spiritual wisdom given by the Guru,

and performing the six rituals;||3||
Expounding on Shiva and Shakti
- O man, renounce and abandon all these things.

Meditate, meditate in remembrance on the Lord of the Universe.

Meditate, O Naam Dayv, and cross over the terrifying world-ocean. ||4||1||


The deer is lured by the sound of the hunter's bell;

it loses its life, but it cannot stop thinking about it. ||1||

In the same way, I look upon my Lord.

I will not abandon my Lord, and turn my thoughts to another. ||1||Pause||

As the fisherman looks upon the fish,

and the goldsmith looks upon the gold he fashions;||2||

As the man driven by sex looks upon another man's wife,

and the gambler looks upon the throwing of the dice -||3||

In the same way, wherever Naam Dayv looks, he sees the Lord.

Naam Dayv meditates continuously on the Feet of the Lord. ||4||2||

Carry me across, O Lord, carry me across.

I am ignorant, and I do not know how to swim. O my Beloved Father, please give me Your arm. ||1||Pause||

I have been transformed from a mortal being into an angel, in an instant; the True Guru has taught me this.

Born of human flesh, I have conquered the heavens; such is the medicine I was given. ||1||

Please place me where You placed Dhroo and Naarad, O my Master.

With the Support of Your Name, so many have been saved; this is Naam Dayv's understanding. ||2||3||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 016
I am restless and unhappy.
Without her calf, the cow is lonely. ||1||
Without water, the fish writhes in pain.

So is poor Naam Dayv without the Lord's Name. ||1||Pause||

Like the cow's calf, which, when let loose,
sucks at her udders and drinks her milk -||2||
So has Naam Dayv found the Lord.

Meeting the Guru, I have seen the Unseen Lord. ||3||

As the man driven by sex wants another man's wife,

so does Naam Dayv love the Lord. ||4||
As the earth burns in the dazzling sunlight,

so does poor Naam Dayv burn without the Lord's Name. ||5||4||

Raag Gond, The Word Of Naam Dayv Jee, Second House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, all doubts are dispelled.

Chanting the Name of the Lord is the highest religion.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, erases social classes and ancestral pedigrees.

The Lord is the walking stick of the blind. ||1||
I bow to the Lord, I humbly bow to the Lord.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, you will not be tormented by the Messenger of Death. ||1||Pause||

The Lord took the life of Harnaakhash,
and gave Ajaamal a place in heaven.

Teaching a parrot to speak the Lord's Name, Ganika the prostitute was saved.

That Lord is the light of my eyes. ||2||

Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Pootna was saved,

even though she was a deceitful child-killer.
Contemplating the Lord, Dropadi was saved.
Gautam's wife, turned to stone, was saved. ||3||
The Lord, who killed Kaysee and Kans,
gave the gift of life to Kali.
Prays Naam Dayv, such is my Lord;

meditating on Him, fear and suffering are dispelled. ||4||1||5||


One who chases after the god Bhairau, evil spirits and the goddess of smallpox,

is riding on a donkey, kicking up the dust. ||1||
I take only the Name of the One Lord.

I have given away all other gods in exchange for Him. ||1||Pause||

That man who chants "Shiva, Shiva", and meditates on him,

is riding on a bull, shaking a tambourine. ||2||
One who worships the Great Goddess Maya

will be reincarnated as a woman, and not a man. ||3||

You are called the Primal Goddess.

At the time of liberation, where will you hide then? ||4||

Follow the Guru's Teachings, and hold tight to the Lord's Name, O friend.

Thus prays Naam Dayv, and so says the Gita as well. ||5||2||6||


Today, Naam Dayv saw the Lord, and so I will instruct the ignorant. ||Pause||

O Pandit, O religious scholar, your Gayatri was grazing in the fields.

Taking a stick, the farmer broke its leg, and now it walks with a limp. ||1||

O Pandit, I saw your great god Shiva, riding along on a white bull.

In the merchant's house, a banquet was prepared for him - he killed the merchant's son. ||2||

Section 21 - Raag Gond - Part 017
O Pandit, I saw your Raam Chand coming too

; he lost his wife, fighting a war against Raawan. ||3||

The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye.

The spiritual teacher is wiser than both of them.

The Hindu worships at the temple, the Muslim at the mosque.

Naam Dayv serves that Lord, who is not limited to either the temple or the mosque. ||4||3||7||

Raag Gond, The Word Of Ravi Daas Jee, Second House:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Meditate on the Lord Mukanday, the Liberator, O people of the world.

Without Mukanday, the body shall be reduced to ashes.

Mukanday is the Giver of liberation.
Mukanday is my father and mother. ||1||

Meditate on Mukanday in life, and meditate on Mukanday in death.

His servant is blissful forever. ||1||Pause||
The Lord, Mukanday, is my breath of life.

Meditating on Mukanday, one's forehead will bear the Lord's insignia of approval.

The renunciate serves Mukanday.

Mukanday is the wealth of the poor and forlorn. ||2||

When the One Liberator does me a favor,
then what can the world do to me?

Erasing my social status, I have entered His Court.

You, Mukanday, are potent throughout the four ages. ||3||

Spiritual wisdom has welled up, and I have been enlightened.

In His Mercy, the Lord has made this worm His slave.

Says Ravi Daas, now my thirst is quenched;

I meditate on Mukanday the Liberator, and I serve Him. ||4||1||


Someone may bathe at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage,

and worship the twelve Shiva-lingam stones,
and dig wells and pools,

but if he indulges in slander, then all of this is useless. ||1||

How can the slanderer of the Holy Saints be saved?

Know for certain, that he shall go to hell. ||1||Pause||

Someone may bathe at Kuruk-shaytra during a solar eclipse,

and give his decorated wife in offering,
and listen to all the Simritees,

but if he indulges in slander, these are of no account. ||2||

Someone may give countless feasts,
and donate land, and build splendid buildings;

he may neglect his own affairs to work for others,

but if he indulges in slander, he shall wander in countless incarnations. ||3||

Why do you indulge in slander, O people of the world?

The emptiness of the slanderer is soon exposed.

I have thought, and determined the fate of the slanderer.

Says Ravi Daas, he is a sinner; he shall go to hell. ||4||2||11||7||2||49|| Total||

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