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Sura 1 - The Opening
Sura 2 - The Heifer
Sura 3 - Imran's Family
Sura 4 - Women
Sura 5 - The Table
Sura 6 - Cattle
Sura 7 - Al Aaraf
Sura 8 - The Spoils
Sura 9 - Repentance or Immunity
Sura 10 - Jonah, Peace be on Him
Sura 11 - Hud
Sura 12 - Joseph, Peace be on Him
Sura 13 - Thunder
Sura 14 - Abraham, Peace be on Him
Sura 15 - El Hagr
Sura 16 - The Bee
Sura 17 - The Night Journey
Sura 18 - The Cave
Sura 19 - Mary
Sura 20 - Ta Ha
Sura 21 - The Prophets
Sura 22 - The Pilgrimage
Sura 23 - Believers
Sura 24 - Light
Sura 25 - The Discrimination
Sura 26 - The Poets
Sura 27 - The Ant
Sura 28 - The Story
Sura 29 - The Spider
Sura 30 - The Greeks
Sura 31 - Loqman
Sura 32 - Adoration
Sura 33 - The Confederates
Sura 34 - Seba
Sura 35 - The Angels
Sura 36 - Ya Sin
Sura 37 - The Ranged
Sura 38 - Sad
Sura 39 - The Troops
Sura 40 - The Believer
Sura 41 - Detailed
Sura 42 - Counsel
Sura 43 - Gilding
Sura 44 - Smoke
Sura 45 - The Kneeling
Sura 46 - El A'hqaf
Sura 47 - Mohammed, Also Called Fight
Sura 48 - Victory
Sura 49 - The Inner Chambers
Sura 50 - Q
Sura 51 - The Scatterers
Sura 52 - The Mount
Sura 53 - The Star
Sura 54 - The Moon
Sura 55 - The Merciful
Sura 56 - The Inevitable
Sura 57 - Iron
Sura 58 - The Wrangler
Sura 59 - The Emigration
Sura 60 - The Tried
Sura 61 - The Ranks
Sura 62 - The Congregation
Sura 63 - The Hypocrites
Sura 64 - Cheating
Sura 65 - Divorce
Sura 66 - Prohibition
Sura 67 - The Kingdom
Sura 68 - The Pen
Sura 69 - The Infallible
Sura 70 - The Ascents
Sura 71 - Noah
Sura 72 - The Ginn
Sura 73 - The Enwrapped
Sura 74 - The Covered
Sura 75 - The Resurrection
Sura 76 - Man
Sura 77 - Those Sent
Sura 78 - The Information
Sura 79 - Those Who Tear Out
Sura 80 - He Frowned
Sura 81 - The Folding Up
Sura 82 - The Cleaving Asunder
Sura 83 - Those Who Give Short Weight
Sura 84 - The Rending Asunder
Sura 85 - The Zodiacal Signs
Sura 86 - The Night Star
Sura 87 - The Most High
Sura 88 - The Overwhelming
Sura 89 - The Dawn
Sura 90 - The Land
Sura 91 - The Sun
Sura 92 - The Night
Sura 93 - The Forenoon
Sura 94 - Have we Not Expanded
Sura 95 - The Fig
Sura 96 - Congealed Blood
Sura 97 - Power
Sura 98 - The Manifest Sign
Sura 99 - The Earthquake
Sura 100 - The Chargers
Sura 101 - The Smiting
Sura 102 - The Contention about Numbers
Sura 103 - The Afternoon
Sura 104 - The Backbiter
Sura 105 - The Elephant
Sura 106 - The Qurais
Sura 107 - The Necessaries
Sura 108 - El Kauthar
Sura 109 - Misbelievers
Sura 110 - Help
Sura 111 - Abu Laheb
Sura 112 - Unity
Sura 113 - The Daybreak
Sura 114 - Men
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The Qur'an (E.H. Palmer tr) : Sura 53 - The Star
(LIII. Mecca.)

IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God. By the star when it falls, your comrade errs not, nor is he deluded! nor speaks he out of lust! It is but an inspiration inspired! One mighty in power taught him, endowed with sound understanding, and appeared, he being in the loftiest tract.

Then drew he near and hovered o'er! until he was two bows' length off or nigher still! Then he inspired his servant what he inspired him; the heart belies not what he saw! What, will ye dispute with him on what he saw?

And he saw him another time, by the lote tree none may pass; near which is the garden of the Abode! When there covered the lote tree what did cover it! The sight swerved not nor wandered. He saw then the greatest of the signs of his Lord.

Have ye considered Allat and Al 'Huzza, and Manat the other third? Shall there be male offspring for Him and female for you? That were an unfair division! They are but names which ye have named, ye and your fathers! God has sent down no authority for them! They do but follow suspicion and what their souls lust after!-And yet there has come to them guidance from their Lord.

Shall man have what he desires? But God's is the hereafter and the present!

How many an angel in the heaven!-their intercession avails not at all, save after God has given permission to whomsoever He will and is pleased with!

Verily, those who believe not in the hereafter do surely name the angels with female names!-but they have no knowledge thereof; they do but follow suspicion, and, verily, suspicion shall not avail against the truth at all!

But turn aside from him who turns his back upon our remembrance and desires naught but this world's life! This is their sum of knowledge; verily, thy Lord knows best who has erred from His way, and He knows best who is guided!

God's is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, that He may reward those who do evil for what they have done; and may reward those who do good with good! those who shun great sins and iniquities,-all but venial faults,-verily, thy Lord is of ample forgiveness; He knows best about you, when He produced you from the earth, and when ye were embryos in the wombs of your mothers. Make not yourselves out, then to be pure; He knows best who it is that fears.

Hast thou considered him who turns his back? who gives but little and then stops? Has he then the knowledge of the unseen, so that he can see?

Has he not been informed of what is in the pages of Moses and Abraham who fulfilled his word? that no burdened soul shall bear the burden of another? and that man shall have only that for which he strives; and that his striving shall at length be seen? Then shall he be rewarded for it with the most full reward; and that unto thy Lord is the limit; and that it is He who makes men laugh and weep; and that it is He who kills and makes alive; and that He created pairs, male and female, from a clot when it is emitted; and that for Him is the next production; and that he enriches and gives possession; and that He is the Lord of the Dog-star, and that He it was who destroyed 'Ad of yore, and Thamud, and left none of them; and the people of Noah before them,-verily, they were most unjust and outrageous!

And the overthrown (cities) He threw down; and there covered them what did cover them!

Which then of your Lord's benefits do ye dispute?
This is a warner, one of the warners of yore!

The approaching day approaches; there is none to discover it but God.

At this new discourse then do ye wonder? and do ye laugh and not weep? and ye divert yourselves the while!

But adore God and serve (Him).

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