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Sura 1 - The Opening
Sura 2 - The Heifer
Sura 3 - Imran's Family
Sura 4 - Women
Sura 5 - The Table
Sura 6 - Cattle
Sura 7 - Al Aaraf
Sura 8 - The Spoils
Sura 9 - Repentance or Immunity
Sura 10 - Jonah, Peace be on Him
Sura 11 - Hud
Sura 12 - Joseph, Peace be on Him
Sura 13 - Thunder
Sura 14 - Abraham, Peace be on Him
Sura 15 - El Hagr
Sura 16 - The Bee
Sura 17 - The Night Journey
Sura 18 - The Cave
Sura 19 - Mary
Sura 20 - Ta Ha
Sura 21 - The Prophets
Sura 22 - The Pilgrimage
Sura 23 - Believers
Sura 24 - Light
Sura 25 - The Discrimination
Sura 26 - The Poets
Sura 27 - The Ant
Sura 28 - The Story
Sura 29 - The Spider
Sura 30 - The Greeks
Sura 31 - Loqman
Sura 32 - Adoration
Sura 33 - The Confederates
Sura 34 - Seba
Sura 35 - The Angels
Sura 36 - Ya Sin
Sura 37 - The Ranged
Sura 38 - Sad
Sura 39 - The Troops
Sura 40 - The Believer
Sura 41 - Detailed
Sura 42 - Counsel
Sura 43 - Gilding
Sura 44 - Smoke
Sura 45 - The Kneeling
Sura 46 - El A'hqaf
Sura 47 - Mohammed, Also Called Fight
Sura 48 - Victory
Sura 49 - The Inner Chambers
Sura 50 - Q
Sura 51 - The Scatterers
Sura 52 - The Mount
Sura 53 - The Star
Sura 54 - The Moon
Sura 55 - The Merciful
Sura 56 - The Inevitable
Sura 57 - Iron
Sura 58 - The Wrangler
Sura 59 - The Emigration
Sura 60 - The Tried
Sura 61 - The Ranks
Sura 62 - The Congregation
Sura 63 - The Hypocrites
Sura 64 - Cheating
Sura 65 - Divorce
Sura 66 - Prohibition
Sura 67 - The Kingdom
Sura 68 - The Pen
Sura 69 - The Infallible
Sura 70 - The Ascents
Sura 71 - Noah
Sura 72 - The Ginn
Sura 73 - The Enwrapped
Sura 74 - The Covered
Sura 75 - The Resurrection
Sura 76 - Man
Sura 77 - Those Sent
Sura 78 - The Information
Sura 79 - Those Who Tear Out
Sura 80 - He Frowned
Sura 81 - The Folding Up
Sura 82 - The Cleaving Asunder
Sura 83 - Those Who Give Short Weight
Sura 84 - The Rending Asunder
Sura 85 - The Zodiacal Signs
Sura 86 - The Night Star
Sura 87 - The Most High
Sura 88 - The Overwhelming
Sura 89 - The Dawn
Sura 90 - The Land
Sura 91 - The Sun
Sura 92 - The Night
Sura 93 - The Forenoon
Sura 94 - Have we Not Expanded
Sura 95 - The Fig
Sura 96 - Congealed Blood
Sura 97 - Power
Sura 98 - The Manifest Sign
Sura 99 - The Earthquake
Sura 100 - The Chargers
Sura 101 - The Smiting
Sura 102 - The Contention about Numbers
Sura 103 - The Afternoon
Sura 104 - The Backbiter
Sura 105 - The Elephant
Sura 106 - The Qurais
Sura 107 - The Necessaries
Sura 108 - El Kauthar
Sura 109 - Misbelievers
Sura 110 - Help
Sura 111 - Abu Laheb
Sura 112 - Unity
Sura 113 - The Daybreak
Sura 114 - Men
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The Qur'an (E.H. Palmer tr) : Sura 69 - The Infallible
(LXIX. Mecca.)

IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God. The Infallible, what is the Infallible? and what should make thee know what the Infallible is?

Thamud and 'Ad called the Striking Day a lie; but as for Thamud they perished by the shock; and as for 'Ad they perished with the violent cold blast of wind, which He subjected against them for seven nights and eight days consecutively. Thou mightest see the people therein prostrate as though they were palm stumps thrown down, and canst thou see any of them left?

And Pharaoh and those before him of the overturned cities committed sins, and they rebelled against the apostle of their Lord, and He seized them with an excessive punishment. Verily, we, when the water surged, bore you on it in a sailing ship, to make it a memorial for you, and that the retentive ear might hold it.

And when the trumpet shall be blown with one blast, and the earth shall be borne away, and the mountains too, and both be crushed with one crushing; on that day shall the inevitable happen; and the heaven on that day shall be cleft asunder, for on that day shall it wane! and the angels upon the sides thereof; and above them on that day shall eight bear the throne of thy Lord!

On the day when ye shall be set forth no hidden thing of yours shall be concealed.

And as for him who is given his book in his right hand, he shall say, 'Here! take and read my book. Verily, I thought that I should meet my reckoning;' and he shall be in a pleasing life, in a lofty garden, whose fruits are nigh to cull- 'Eat ye and drink with good digestion, for what ye did aforetime in the days that have gone by!' But as for him who is given his book in his left hand he shall say, 'O, would that I had not received my book! I did not know what my account would be. O, would that it had been an end of me! my wealth availed me not! my authority has perished from me!' him and fetter him, then in hell broil him! then into a chain whose length is seventy cubits force him! verily, he believed not in the mighty God, nor was he particular to feed the poor: therefore he has not here to-day any warm friend, nor any food except foul ichor, which none save sinners shall eat!'

I need not swear by what ye see or what ye do not see, verily, it is the speech of a noble apostle; and it is not the speech of a poet:-little is it ye believe!

And it is not the speech of a soothsayer,-little is it that ye mind!-a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. Why if he had invented against us any sayings, we would have seized him by the right hand, then we would have cut his jugular vein; nor could any one of you have kept us off from him. Verily, it is a memorial to the pious; and, verily, we know that there are amongst you those who say it is-a lie; and, verily, it is a source of sighing to the misbelievers; and, verily, it is certain truth!

Therefore celebrate the name of thy mighty Lord!

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